Book Review: Think Like a Freak


This book’s just tooo AWESOME!
Let me not to ruin the beauty of this book by write my messy yet lousy review here. Just experience reading this book by yourself, and let me know your thought about that. just wanna check am I that freak to think that this book is so awesome 😆

Here I only rewrite what is in its last page as a reminder of good notes for myself.

Now that we’ve arrived at these last pages, it’s pretty obvious: quitting is at the very core of thinking like a Freak. Or, if that word still frightens you, let’s think of it as “letting go”. Letting go of the conventional wisdoms that torment us. Letting go of the artificial limits that hold us back-and of the fear of admitting what we don’t know. Letting go of the habits of mind that tell us to kick into the corner of the goal even though we stand a better chance by going up the middle.

We might add that Winston Churchill, despite his famous to those Harrow schoolboys, was in fact was one of history’s greatest quitters. Soon after entering politics he quit one party for another, and later he quit government altogether. When he rejoined, he quit parties again. And when he wasn’t quitting, he was getting tosses out. He spent years in the political wilderness, denouncing Britain’s appeasement of the Nazis, and was returned to office only when that policy’s failure had led to total war. Even in the bleakest moments, Churchill did not back down one inch from Hitler; he became “the greatest of all Britain’s war leaders,” as the historian John Keegan put it. Perhaps it was that long streak of quitting that helped Churchill build the fortitude to tough it out when it was truly necessary. By now, he knew what was worth letting go, and what was not


mmm… melting!
So, finding a good book gives you the same feeling as falling in love. It makes your heartbeat going faster every time you read the words.