What would you do if you were just a crop-duster plane?

Well, It’s a “hardly ever” for me to do some review after I watched a good film, as well as post it in English like this one. but let me try. 😆

I will start with my most favorite quote from the movie: “I’m just trying to prove, maybe, just maybe I can do more than what I was built for”. It was said by Dusty Crophopper, the main character of a Movie titled Planes. Once, Dusty was just a crop-duster planes who responsible on keeping the field out of pests. He had a big dream to have a race against racing planes. Well, it didn’t sound too silly, he’s still at least a plane after all, he wasn’t as slow as a snail as well, but still.. it was hard to get him on the same level as the racing plane.

Planes by Disney, 2013.

But there he was, determined. He refined his skill and power, luckily got a chance to take part on the race, blessed with support from his best friends, and also met some bad guys who played dirty and sabotaged him. He has been up and down, ever been on the first place but not as much as him on the last rank, but finally he proved his determination like a boss: to do more than what he was built for..

I know that the idea of someone dreaming of doing something greater than he/she ought to be isn’t a new one in the movie world. But I think this movie has successfully visualized the point. I love the character Dusty the most, he was full of spirit but didn’t forget to make true friends in the journey by his unselfish act and genuine care for his fellow planes.

Isn’t it something that God tells us to be?

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